The ancestor of gin

It is simply not possible to separate gin from the ancient tradition of genever in the Low Countries. More than that, gin is actually a direct descendant of genever. During the 17th century, English soldiers were in our part of Europe fighting the Eighty Years’ War against Spain. It was then that they sampled genever for the first time, taking this exceptional spirit back to London with them, where they tried to replicate it. Unsuccessfully, as it turns out, because they didn’t have the right recipe. They then named their derivative recipe ‘gin’.


The missing link

Genever is often named the missing link between gin and whisky. Similar to whisky, genever is distilled from grain which provides the spirit with a mature and round taste. But just like with gin a dash of juniper berry distillate is added to give the pallet some fresher and spicy notes. Finally but not necessarily, genever can be aged in oak barrels to give it that smooth and silky flavor that is so characteristic for the best Single Malt whiskies.

0 years old

Refreshing and balanced taste of juniper berries with subtle notes of grain distillate. 

8 years old

Warm and peppery with a scent of vanilla and hints of nutmeg and bitter caramel.

12 years old

Softly spicy with a scent of waffles & vanilla and hints of cinnamon & speculoos.

17 years old

A scent of caramel & oak, followed by sweet, creamy highlights and a hint of pepper.

21 years old

Dark chocolate & walnuts scent, with a spicey balanced taste and hints of caramel & ripe orange.


On the banks of the Leie River in picturesque Bachte-Maria-Leerne in Belgium, Filliers Distillery has been creating genever since 1880. The artisanal distillery process at Filliers makes use of traditional copper alembic stills (pot stills), and is a delicate balancing act that relies on the craftsmanship and many years of experience of five generations of Master Distillers.

In the course of many years, Karel Lodewijk (founder and first generation) refined his genever recipe until, ultimately, an artisanal Grain Genever of the very highest quality trickled from his stills. Up to this very day, Filliers Distillery distils its spirits in the exact same manner it always has, with the entire process from grain processing to bottling taking place in-house. Filliers distils and “cuts” according to carefully guarded family secrets, passed directly from Karel Lodewijk Filliers to the next four generations of Master Distillers.

However, the next generations have not been resting on their laurels.  Firmin Filliers (3rd generation) developed a gin with Belgian hops in 1928, which has recently been reintroduced to the market as Filliers Dry Gin 28. The development of this gin was an obvious choice, as gin is a direct descendant of genever. Additional product innovations followed, with respect for the craft always being the primary concern.


1792 1836

The birth of a legend

Karel Lodewijk Filliers was born in Bachte-Maria-Leerne. He was the man who came up with the idea of introducing genever distillation to the family’s farming activities.In the course of many years, Karel Lodewijk  refined his recipe until, ultimately, an artisanal Grain Genever of the very highest quality trickled from his stills.

Kamiel Filliers

Kamiel Filliers was born in 1836. He was the first member of the second generation of Filliers Master Distillers. He went on to succeed founder Karel Lodewijk as head of the family company and was responsible for expanding the genever distilling activities.

The company was born

In 1880, Kamiel Filliers installed a steam engine at his agricultural distillery which accelerated the distillation process considerably, and turned it into the kind of company Filliers Distillery is today.

Firmin Filliers

Firmin Filliers (3rd generation) was born, who went on to take the helm of the family company. It was Firmin Filliers who, shortly after the end of WWI in 1928, created the recipe for the current premium Filliers Dry Gin 28.

Filliers Distillery makes gin

Filliers Dry Gin 28 was created by Firmin Filliers.

The 4th generation

Brothers Louis and Carlos Filliers (4th generation of Filliers) took over the reins of Filliers Distillery. This was a heavy responsibility to take on in the wake of WWII. But this 4th generation laid the foundation for the current Filliers family company and was responsible for uninterrupted growth over a great many years.

5th generation of Filliers

Nephews Bernard and Jan Filliers (5th generation) joined the increasingly large Filliers family company. Together they successfully enhanced the professional profile of Filliers Distillery even further. Bernard Filliers continues to stand at the helm of the distillery today.

Filliers Dry Gin 28 was relaunched

Filliers Dry Gin 28 was reintroduced to the market after the current Master Distiller worked on the original recipe for more than two years. 

Genever Revival

Filliers Distillery launches a new range of Premium Genevers to reinvigorate the genever category.

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